What You Should Know About Roasting Coffee Beans At Home

Roasting coffee beans at home is the latest trend emerging among coffee lovers. Although a quite simple process, roasting coffee at your home does need some practice to develop consistent results, which will meet your requirements or expectations for a great cup of coffee. There are various factors that will determine the right method to use for roasting your own green coffee beans. Most importantly, a coffee roasting machine is all you need so to be able to enjoy the entire process of making coffee in the comfort of your home.

Home roasting is generally the process of roasting green coffee beans in small quantities for your personal use. People have been roasting their own coffee beans over the centuries. However, when commercial roasters were introduced in the market, especially in coffee shops and other commonplace with instant coffee being offered, roasting your own coffee at home became the thing of the past.

As with any process, now the newness of instant coffee has been going down and people are now trying to find the freshest, finest, best tasting coffee. In order to get the ultimate cup of coffee, with the most tailored and freshest taste, many people are now turning to home roasting option.

Home Coffee Roasting Machines

These days, there are so many types of home coffee roasting machines widely available in the market across the world. They are simple and easy to use because they usually automate the roasting process. Commonly, the most bought units include fluid bed roasters. This particular type of roasters is affordable and not as expensive as drum roasters. Fluid bed roasters can efficiently roast your coffee beans in approximately seven to twenty minutes at temperatures between 400 F (205 C) and 480 F (250 C) to have peak flavor. In addition, they are common because they easy to clean and maintain.

These roasters are designed in the same way as a hot air popcorn popper. They contain a glass-roasting chamber to allow you view the process of roasting. This also allows you to check your roast and stop it whenever your desired perfection is achieved. Averagely, these types of roaster can yield approximately 8 to 20 cups depending on the size of the machine.

The Benefits of Home Roasting

• Depending on the method of storage, coffee flavor peaks approximately between 24 hours and 7 days after the process of roasting. With this in mind, these roasters comprise the freshest roast possible.

• Home roasters are also capable of roasting more amounts that are exact. This simply means that what these roasters roast is exactly what they consume, within the 7-day peak of freshness.

• Green coffee beans are believed to have a shelf-life of more than a year when properly stored. Therefore, a home roaster can offer an ample supply.

• Generally, a roasting coffee machine is capable of consuming fresher coffee than a typical commercial roasted coffee. This is because home roasters have control over the exact roast times, so they are able to tailor every batch to its individual preference.

With the great interest in roasting coffee beans at home, especially the establishment of home roasting cooperatives as well as the internet green bean suppliers, now there is a wide range of high quality coffee beans available in the market.

Things to Consider When Looking For a Home-Roasting Machine

Most home roasting machines have a relatively small capacity. They usually range from 75 grams to around 300 grams of coffee beans. Therefore, before buying one, choose that meets your requirements in terms of capacity.

In addition, most of those roasting appliances commonly used at home lack the capability of cooling the coffee beans quite quickly and this can lead to flat or dull flavored coffee beans. Therefore, it can be good to consider this factor as well when looking for the best home roasting coffee machine.

When coffee is being roasted, it usually produces fumes and smoke. It is good if it is done in a well-ventilated room. This is because some kitchens don’t have enough room for ventilation. Roasting your coffee beans outdoors isn’t always the best option, as the outdoor environment often needs some hard adjustments for the production of a consistent roast.

In most cases, it is suggested or advised either to have a well-dedicated circuit of the roasting machine or never to use any other kitchen appliance while the process of roasting coffee is taking place. Lastly, when looking for the right type of home roasting machine in addition to its capacity, try to consider some other factors such as price, quality, and even the make or model.


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